Sentence Examples with the word popularity

The town owes its popularity to a firm expanse of sand, good bathing facilities, and a temperate climate.

Many suits were thereupon entered against Hancock, which, if successful, would have caused the confiscation of his estate, but which undoubtedly enhanced his popularity with the Whig element and increased his resentment against the British government.

In the Systeme social (1 773), the Politique naturelle (1773-1774) and the Morale universelle (1776) Holbach attempts to rear a system of morality in place of the one he had so fiercely attacked, but these later writings had not a tithe of the popularity and influence of his earlier work.

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But this would seem to have been a vain bid for popularity with the widdle classes, which had no result at the time, and the barons preferred to keep things in their own hands, and to abide by ancient precedents.

Probably he lost nothing of his popularity with the army by occasional indulgence in sensual pleasures.

Prince Gorchakov did not want a radical solution involving a great European war, but he was too fond of ephemeral popularity to stem the current of popular excitement.

Henceforward Ayala's position and popularity were secure.

And George V., and his popularity in English aristocratic circles, to establish and secure friendly relations between the Cabinets of Vienna and London.

It was a dangerous triumph for Huss; for his popularity at court and in the general community had been secured only at the price of clerical antipathy everywhere and of much German ill-will.

The book was printed at the Pechersk monastery at Kiev, esteemed the special press of the Holy Synod, and its popularity is shown by the fact that it passed into three editions.