Sentence Examples with the word poor people

Blaming the leaders by whom these poor people had been misled, Menno blamed himself for not having shown them a straight course.

According to the legend, King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham were tyrannical rulers, ruthlessly exploiting the poor people of Nottingham.

The officers of the realm, and especially the earl of Wiltshire the treasurer, for to enrich himself plundered poor people and disinherited rightful heirs, and did many wrongs.

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Swift's grave humour and power of enforcing momentous truth by ludicrous exaggeration were next displayed in his Modest Proposal for Preventing the' Children of Poor People from being a Burden to their Parents or the Country, by fattening and eating them (1729), a parallel to the Argument against Abolishing Christianity, and as great a masterpiece of tragic as the latter is of comic irony.

He opened his eyes and looked around at the small, plain room and at the poor people standing near him.

Before beginning operations of demolition it was obviously necessary to provide homes for the poor people who would be turned out, and a large workingclass quarter was erected to the north and beyond the railway station.

He sent out among the poor people of the city and found two little babies who had never heard a word spoken.

The route followed by Alexander, though he also crossed at Thapsacus, took him unresisted across the northern parts; but the poor people of Mesopotamia suffered from the measures taken by their satrap Mazaeus to impede Alexander's progress.