Sentence Examples with the word pony

Catching her hair up in a pony tail, she tugged on her boots and joined Alex in the kitchen.

Other horsebreeders' associations, all doing useful work in the interests of their respective breeds, are the Suffolk Horse Society, the Clydesdale Horse Society, the Yorkshire Coach Horse Society, the Cleveland Bay Horse Society, the Polo Pony Society, the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society, the Welsh Pony and Cob Society and the New Forest Pony Association.

Her head was tipped back so that she could see his face and her excitement was personified in the dancing of her pony tail.

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One summer I had my pony at Fern Quarry.

In outer aspect, Pip and Dough-Boy made a match, like a black pony and a white one, of equal developments, though of dissimilar colour, driven in one eccentric span.

One day, while her pony and her donkey were standing side by side, Helen went from one to the other, examining them closely.

The Pony differs essentially from the hackney in height, the former not exceeding 14 hands.

Combing it up into a pony tail, she bound it and eyed her image critically in the mirror.

Large tracts are still uncultivated; and the wild red deer and native Exmoor pony are characteristic of the district.

My uncle James is going to buy me a very gentle pony and a pretty cart and I shall be very happy to take you and Harry to ride.