Sentence Examples with the word pontificate

Although these annals were no doubt destroyed at the time of the burning of Rome by the Gauls, they were restored as far as possible and continued until the pontificate of P. Mucius Scaevola, by whom they were finally published in eighty books.

The Paris Breviary of 1680 by Archbishop Francois de Harlay (1625-1695) and that of 1736 by Archbishop Charles Gaspard Guillaume de Vintimille (1655-1746) - show a deep knowledge of Holy Scripture, and much careful adaptation of different texts; but during the pontificate of Pius IX.

In 1480 he was made legate to France, mainly to settle the question of the Burgundian inheritance, and acquitted himself with such ability during his two years' stay that he acquired an influence in the college of cardinals which became paramount during the pontificate of Innocent Viii.

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This conclusion is drawn from the following facts: - (1) The book was written during the pontificate of the Maccabean family, and not earlier than 135 B.C. For in xxxii.

In the last years of his pontificate he was busied with preparations for a crusade and for the reunion of Christendom, and sent to Constantinople the celebrated Carmelite monk, Peter Thomas, to negotiate with the claimants to the Greek throne.

He was a man of upright, moderate and pacific intentions, but his pontificate of eleven years was anything but tranquil.

The last pope to be canonized, his pontificate marks the zenith of the Catholic reformation.

With his defects of temper, his violent antipathies, his extravagant notion of papal prerogative, his pontificate was filled with strife.

Several events of his pontificate are noteworthy: he granted many privileges to the mendicant orders, especially to the Franciscans; he endeavoured to suppress abuses in the Spanish Inquisition; he took measures against the Waldenses; he approved (1475) the office of the Immaculate Conception for the 8th of December; in 1478 he formally annulled the decrees of the council of Constance; and he canonized St Bonaventura (14th of April 1482).

It was under his pontificate that a general council was convened at Capua in 391, at which various Eastern affairs were brought forward.