Sentence Examples with the word ponder

Before she could ponder how they'd gotten there, she felt his heat again.

If he hadn't been so sophisticated, it might have been a thought to ponder - but at that point any idea of him quitting his job as a top salesman and moving to Arkansas to become a veterinarian would have been ludicrous.

The kings death was unexpected: he was only in his fortieth year, and mens minds had not even begun to ponder over, the question of who would succeed him.

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Winston seemed to ponder this, then formed his words with care.

I'd pray awhile to one, ponder awhile, then go on to another.

Causey William Burton William Cannon Gove Saulsbury 10 James Ponder John P. Cockran John W.

Conjoint repression of civil and religious liberty had made thoughtful men ponder matters of church polity.

If we even stop for an instant to ask ourselves how a word ought to be spelled, the deeper we ponder that one word by itself the more hopeless grows the hesitation.