Sentence Examples with the word pond

It is very certain, at any rate, that once there was no pond here, and now there is one; and this Indian fable does not in any respect conflict with the account of that ancient settler whom I have mentioned, who remembers so well when he first came here with his divining-rod, saw a thin vapor rising from the sward, and the hazel pointed steadily downward, and he concluded to dig a well here.

Simpson, that is my brother, brought me some beautiful pond lilies yesterday--he is a very brother to me.

Anodonta cygnea, the Pond Mussel or Swan Mussel, appears to be entirely without economic importance.

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I have found it a singular luxury to talk across the pond to a companion on the opposite side.

The pond rises and falls, but whether regularly or not, and within what period, nobody knows, though, as usual, many pretend to know.

They raced the horses past the pond and up the hill, slowing when they came to the rocky area.

I should not forget that during my last winter at the pond there was another welcome visitor, who at one time came through the village, through snow and rain and darkness, till he saw my lamp through the trees, and shared with me some long winter evenings.

In the winter of '46-7 there came a hundred men of Hyperborean extraction swoop down on to our pond one morning, with many carloads of ungainly-looking farming tools--sleds, plows, drill-barrows, turf-knives, spades, saws, rakes, and each man was armed with a double-pointed pike-staff, such as is not described in the New-England Farmer or the Cultivator.

White Pond and Walden are great crystals on the surface of the earth, Lakes of Light.

Below, the pond glistened in the evening heat, as if winking up at her.