Sentence Examples with the word ponce

The new admiral removed Ponce and appointed Juan Ceron to administer the affairs of Porto Rico.

The principal harbours are San Juan on the north and Ponce on the south coast; the former is accessible to vessels of about 30 ft.

It is connected with Ponce by railway (1910), and with the port of Arroyo by an excellent road, part of the military road extending to Cayey, and it exports sugar, rum, tobacco, coffee, cattle, fruit and other products of the department, which is very fertile.

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Long, connects the principal cities along the north and west coasts and those as far east as Ponce on the south coast; a railway between Ponce and Guayama, farther east, was virtually completed in 1910, and the Vega Alta railroad connects Vega Alta with Dorado on the north coast; but there are no inland railways and most of the products of the interior are carried to the coast in carts drawn by bullocks or on the backs of mules.

A project for irrigating the district south of the mountains between Ponce and Patillas was adopted by the Porto Rican government in 1909.

While Ponce was exploring Florida in 1513 the conquerors of Porto Rico had established their domination in the upper western portion of the island by a series of settlements.

Among the principal office buildings are the Empire, the Equitable, the Prudential, the Fourth National, the Austell, the Peters, the Century, the English-American and the Candler buildings; and there are many fine residences, particularly in Peachtree and Washington streets, Inman Park and Ponce de Leon Circle.

As once and lonce, onza and lonza respectively, and it is usually explained as being due to the confusion of the 1 with the article, lance and lonza being changed to Ponce or l'onza, and the l subsequently dropped.

South of the city; and Ponce de Leon Park, owned by an electric railway company and having mineral springs and a fine baseball ground.

Both Ponce and his rivals had introduced the system of repartimientos established by Columbus in Haiti.