Sentence Examples with the word polychromatic

But in the matter of true monochromatic and polychromatic glazes, to ShOzan belongs the credit of having inaugurated Chinese fashions, and if he has never fully succeeded in achieving lang-yao (sang-de-breuf), chi-hung (liquid-dawn red), chiang-tou-hung (bean-blossom red, the peach-blow of American collectors), or above all pin-kwo-lsing (apple-green with red bloom), his efforts to imitate them have resulted in some very interesting pieces.

The courts are ornamented by sculptures of great beauty and richness; the delicately-carved cedar ceiling bears traces of polychromatic painting.

The desired effect may be produced by a graduation of the same colour, or by a polychromatic scale - such as white, pale red, pale brown, various shades of green, violet and purple, in ascending order.