Sentence Examples with the word polls

On the same day the premier promised to introduce by February a large measure of franchise reform so framed as to protect racial minorities from being overwhelmed at the polls by majorities of other races.

Real estate is assessed biennially; personal property, privileges and polls annually.

Finally, a complete rupture took place in 1904 between the Prince and Venizelos; the Venizelist party were defeated at the polls by the personal canvassing of the Prince and the united efforts of the other Cretan party leaders, already jealous of Venizelos' rising star.

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The rejection of this budget in December by the House of Lords led to d desperate struggle at the polls in January 1910, but the confident hopes of the Unionists were doomed to disappointment.

The city government had been characterized by extravagance and maladministration, and a revolt of the independent voters at the polls overcame the usual Republican majority and Cleveland was elected.

Was the end of the political danger, though Boulangist echoes continued for a little while to reverberate at the polls during 1889 and 1890.

For a century politics in Spain had been a game, played by professionals, between the ins and outs; victory or defeat at the polls depended less on any intelligent popular judgment on the questions at issue than on the passing interests of the wire-pullers and bosses (Caciques) who worked the electoral machinery.

The Unionists went to the polls with divided counsels, and sustained a crushing defeat, remarkable nevertheless for the comparative success of the tariff reformers.

The income of the state, counties and towns is derived mainly from taxes levied on real estate, on male polls between the ages of twenty-one and seventy, on stock in public funds, on stock in corporations that pay a dividend and are not subject to some special form of tax, on surplus capital in banks, on stock in trade, on live-stock, on railways, on telegraph and telephone lines, on savings banks and on the stock of fire insurance companies.

These two parties decidedly outnumbered the Republicans at the polls from 1890-1898, but they could win only by fusion.