Sentence Examples with the word politically

Jefferson merely had exaggerated fears of a moneyed political engine, and seeing that Hamilton's measures of funding and assumption did make the national debt politically useful to the Federalists in the beginning he concluded that they would seek to fasten the debt on the country for ever.

A hungry populous can be politically volatile, especially if it is used to being well fed.

The rise of the Mahommedan Empire, which influenced Europe so deeply both politically and intellectually, made its mark also in the history of medicine.

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The province of Astrakhan, where a very small and limited outbreak occurred in 1878, is politically in Europe, but geographically it belongs rather to Asia.

Berne), after the Grisons, the largest of the Swiss cantons, but by far the most populous, though politically Bern ranks after that of Zurich.

Of the Pacific littoral, could only be looked forward to, both politically and economically, as an inestimable benefit to the country.

As this prince belonged, like Firdousi, to the Shiah sect, while Mahmud and Maimandi were Sunnites, and as he was also politically opposed to the sultan, Hasan Maimandi did not fail to make the most of this incident, and accused the poet of disloyalty to his sovereign and patron, as well as of heresy.

There is practically no colour caste in Cuba; politically the negro is the white man's equal; socially there is very little ostensible inequality and almost perfect toleration.

Like the nobles, again, the burgesses had the right of confirming royal grants and of taking part in legislation; and they may be said to have formed - socially, politically and judicially - an independent and powerful estate.

There was some improvement in the commerce of the island, but politically it displayed all the evils of an obsolete system of administration disturbed by a premature liberalism.