Sentence Examples with the word political theory

Lutheran dogma, however, had few adherents in England, though its political theory coincided with that of Anglicanism in the 16th century.

The De cive, presently to be published, was written in Latin for the learned, and gave the political theory without its foundation in human nature.

The materials for narrating the acquisition by England of its Indian Empire were put into shape for the first time; a vast body of political theory was brought to bear on the delineation of the Hindu civilization; and the conduct of the actors in the successive stages of the conquest and administration of India was subjected to a severe criticism.

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The facility of their style and the frequent occurrence of would-be weighty epigrams blinded his critics to the fact that, in spite of his recognition of the importance of observation, he made no real contribution to political theory (see Sir Leslie Stephen, English Thought in the Eighteenth Century, x.