Sentence Examples with the word political party

Throughout 1879 and 1880 Itagaki's followers evinced no little skill in employing the weapons of local association, public meetings and platform tours, and in November 1881 the first genuine political party was formed in Japan under the name of Jiyu-15, with Itagaki for declared leader.

When negro suffrage was imposed by Congress upon the Southern States, the bureau aided the Union League in organizing the blacks into a political party opposed to the whites.

The National Verein, its work being done, was now dissolved; but Bennigsen was chiefly instrumental in founding a new political party - the National Liberals, - who, while they supported Bismarck's national policy, hoped to secure the constitutional development of the country.

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From the year 1900 he retired into private life, devoting himself to the solution of socialistic problems. His countrymen justly ascribe to him the fame of having been the first to organize and lead a political party in Japan.

Descending into the political arena, became identified with the doctrines of one political party in the state - doctrines odious to the majority of the nation - and at the same time became associated with acts of violence and injustice, losing at once its influence and its reputation.

In Germany, in particular, it has grown into a political party connected with the Social Democrats; nor have the democratic socialists been slow to exploit their Christian allies for their own ends.

This conflict, moreover, brought Ultra montanism the enormous advantage that, even after the abolition of the May Laws, it had still left to it a well-disciplined press, an admirable organization, and a network of interests and interested parties; and all these combined to make the Centrum the strongest and the most influential political party in Germany for the remainder of the 19th century.

The history of the Doctrinaires as a separate political party began in 1816 and ended in 1830.

It will prove most contentious to the political party itself.

The political party opposed sectionalism and encouraged all voters to take a statewide-approach to the issues.