Sentence Examples with the word political control

The constitutional right of voting money applicable to the common affairs and of its political control is exercised by the Delegations, which consist each of sixty members, chosen for one year, one-third of them by the Austrian Herrenhaus (Upper House) and the Hungarian Table of Magnates (Upper House), and two-thirds of them by the Austrian and the Hungarian Houses of Representatives.

Since 1906 a superintendent has been appointed with large powers, independent of political control and with the assistance of an advisory council; attention is also paid to the advice of the provincial Educational Association, which meets yearly at Toronto.

A laudable attempt has been made to keep the education department free from the vagaries and the strife of party politics, and the advantages of political control have been as much felt as its drawbacks.

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Of Denmark in 1361 had disclosed his ambition for the political control of the Baltic. He was promptly opposed by an alliance of Hanse towns, led by Lubeck.

In home waters the Rhodians exercised political control over Carpathos and other islands.

The possession of Port Arthur, and direct political control over Korea, place Japan in the dominant position as regards Manchuria.

Complete state control of the insane and the introduction of modern hospital and curative treatment in the state asylums (or hospitals) are gradually taking the place of county care for the insane and of antiquated custodial treatment in and political control of the state asylums - changes largely due to the action of Governor Deneen, who appointed in 1906 a Board of Charities pledged to reform.

The greater part of the Pathan country was placed under British political control by the Durand agreement made with the Amir of Afghanistan in 1893.

They reside partly in the British district of the Naga hills and partly in independent territory under the political control of the deputycommissioner of the adjoining districts.

Between this agency and the Khyber Pass lie the Mohmand hills, a rough country with but little cultivation, under the political control of Peshawar.