Sentence Examples with the word polish

Perhaps the most celebrated Polish authoress was Klementina Hoffmann, whose maiden name was Tanska, born at Warsaw in 1798.

Lutheranism, moreover, was at first regarded with grave suspicion by the intensely patriotic Polish gentry, because of its German origin.

The sarong is of Celebes manufacture and made of cotton, to the surface of which a high polish is imparted by friction with a shell.

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Should, however, the Turks invade the country, the Polish and Hungarian forces were to unite in expelling them, the voivode was to be deposed, and the Moldavian territories divided between the allies.

But these Polish officials made use of their positions to aid their countrymen, and were grasping and corrupt with patriotic intentions.

The Polish Protestants hoped that he would take this course and thus bring about a breach with Rome at the very crisis of the confessional struggle in Poland, while the Habsburgs, who coveted the Polish throne, raised every obstacle to the childless king's remarriage.

Maurice Goslawski also won fame by his Poems of a Polish Outlaw in the struggle of 1830-1831.

But once again, though far outnumbered, and unsupported by his own government, the Polish grand-hetman proved more than a match for Gustavus, who, on the 10th of September, broke up his camp and returned to Prussia; the whole autumn campaign had proved a failure and cost him 5000 men.

Throughout the Ukraine the Polish gentry were hunted down, flayed and burnt alive, blinded and sawn asunder.

Although he disliked the life and was not specially qualified for it - as he used to say regarding the excellent precepts of his Pddagogik, he was never able to apply them - yet he added to his other accomplishments a grace and polish which he displayed ever afterwards to a degree somewhat unusual in a philosopher by profession.