Sentence Examples with the word police

Under this act compensation is payable out of the police rate to any person whose property has been injured, stolen or destroyed by rioters; (xv.) the registration of rules of scientific societies, the registration of charitable gifts, the certifying and recording of places of religious worship, the confirmation and record of the rules of loan societies.

The police arrived as they were finishing supper.

I didn't know what to think when that police car rolled up with its lights blazing.

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Bird Song was as quiet as an empty church with none of the remaining guests in evidence, nor was there any sign the police had returned.

Austria had persistently adopted a policy of pin-pricks and aggravating police provocation towards the Italians of the Adriatic Littoral and of the Trentino, while encouraging the Slavonic element in the former and the Germans in the latter.

Dean considered calling the City of Ouray Police but realized they too could be of little help unless Shipton did something against the law.

Eighteen months later the coronation took place at Moscow with great pomp, but a gloom was thrown over the festivities by the unfortunate incident of the Khodinskoe Polye, a great open space near the city, where a popular fete had been prepared and where, from defective police arrangements, a large number of men, women and children, roughly estimated at 2000, were crushed and trampled to death.

Travelling commissioners were appointed to explore the hinterland, and frontier police were organized.

These movements, promoted by the councils of Constance and Basel, partook of the spirit of the time and were characterized by an extreme austerity of life and a certain hardness of spirit, and a sort of police regulation easily understandable at a time of reaction from grave abuses.

He then told her the Parkside Police Department would close the investigation from this end unless something new came to light.