Sentence Examples with the word pol

Consider, also, the case in Cambodia under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

They are six in number: (1) Palaearctic, including Europe, Asia north of the Himalaya, and Africa north of the Sahara; (2) Ethiopian, consisting of Africa south of the Atlas range, and Madagascar; (3) Oriental, including India, Indo-China and the Malay Archipelago north of Wallace's line, which runs between Bali and Lombok; (4) Australian, including Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and Pol y nesia; (5) Nearctic or North America, north of Mexico; and (6) Neotropical or South America.

The whole duchy was formerly divided into nine bishoprics Rennes, Dol, Nantes, St Malo and St Brieuc, in Upper Brittany, and Treguier, Vannes, Quimper and St Pol de Leon in Lower.