Sentence Examples with the word poitiers

The evolution of the army which won Crecy and Poitiers is accompanied by the accumulation of a mass of indentures and other military documents, the value of which has been illustrated in Dr Morriss Welsh Wars of Edward I.

There is scarcely anything to be said for the possibility of Ambrose having written the book before he became a bishop, and added to it in later years, incorporating remarks of Hilary of Poitiers on Romans.

But in October 732 their march was checked between Tours and Poitiers by Charles Martel and after some days of skirmishing a fierce but indecisive battle was fought.

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CLAIR ANTOINE THIBAUDEAU, Comte (1765-1854) French politician, was born on the 23rd of March 1765, the son of Antoine de Thibaudeau a lawyer of Poitiers and a deputy to the States-General of 1789.

Of Aquitaine, the most powerful lord of southern France, who urged its adoption at the Councils of Limoges (994) and Poitiers (999).

Flammermont in Etudes critiques sur les sources de l'histoire du xviii e siecle: Les Memoires de Mme Campan, in the Bulletin de la Faculte des lettres de Poitiers (4th year, 1886, pp. 56, 109); J.

By de la Ferriere, Paris, 1880), of Diane de Poitiers (ed.

The guidance of the war should have fallen into the hands of his eldest son, the victor of Poitiers and Najera, but the younger Edward had never recovered from the fatigues of his Spanish campaign; his disease having developed into a form of dropsy, he had become a confirmed invalid and could no longer take the field.

Agenais and southern Saintonge, which fell to the Crown by the death of Alfonse of Poitiers in 1276, as part of his vast possessions in Aquitaine and Languedoc, were ceded to Edward I.

Chilperic retrieved his position, took from Austrasia Tours and Poitiers and some places in Aquitaine, and fostered discord in the kingdom of the east during the minority of Childebert II.