Sentence Examples with the word pointless

She shook her head free of pointless thoughts and began dusting.

And so, such hearts, though summary in each one suffering; still, if the gods decree it, in their life-time aggregate a whole age of woe, wholly made up of instantaneous intensities; for even in their pointless centres, those noble natures contain the entire circumferences of inferior souls.

It was pointless to argue the matter.

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I'd like to think we were doing something worthwhile instead of wasting our time on pointless errands.

It was an irrational thing, and pointless to allow her mind to linger on the reason for his preoccupation.

Others had tried to administer to her but he knew it was pointless and turned away.

He carried it with him to the long, pointless Council meeting, to his afternoon sparring session with Jetr, to the banquet and introduction of his nishani to the clan leaders.

It was pointless to buy a bikini and wear it only once, so Carmen bought a black push-up bra and some skimpy black briefs trimmed with black ribbon.