Sentence Examples with the word pointe

Thence the direction taken is north as far as the eastern summit (11,693 ft.) of the Levanna, the watershed rising in a series of snowy peaks, though the loftiest point of the region, the Pointe de Charbonel (12,336 ft.), stands a little to the west.

Tour du Grand St Pierre Pointe des Sengies (E) (E) 12,113 Uja di Ciamarella (C) 12,061 Cima di Charforon (E) 12,025 Grande Motte (W).

The Indians 3 include representatives of the Menominee (1487 in 1909), Stockbridge and Munsee (582) tribes under the Keshena School, Chippewa under the Lac du Flambeau School (705) and the La Pointe School (4453), Oneida (2259) under the Oneida 1 The Fox and Wisconsin rivers are separated at Portage by a distance of only 2 m.

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Pointe de Charbonel (C) 12,336 Pointe de la Sana (W) Aiguille de la Grande Cima dell' Auille (C) .

Joining the Atlantic between Royan and the Pointe de Grave, opposite the tower of Cordouan.

Et a chascune des ij faces la pointe d'une aguille vers cele tramontaine a cui cele face gist.