Sentence Examples with the word point out

These entities are not created by mathematicians, they are employed by them, and their definitions should point out the construction of the new entities in terms of those already on hand.

Finally it is necessary to point out two flaws in the Cynic philosophy.

She didn't expect it; she expected him to lie rather than point out the flaws in her desperate logic.

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But Anderson was quick to point out that the Byrne case was still closed as far as Parkside was concerned.

The wreaths were so nearly alike that none of those who were with the king could point out any difference.

He was one of the first to point out the existence of certain cellular bodies in these plants which appeared to perform the functions of reproductive organs, and to them the names of antheridia and pistillidia were given.

This was the Marshal of the Nobility of the district, who had come personally to point out to the princess the necessity for her prompt departure.

Occasionally dressers ran out to fetch water, or to point out those who were to be brought in next.

To write an account of symphonic instrumentation in any detail would be like attempting a history of emotional expression; and all that we can do here is to point out that the problem which was, so to speak, shelved by the polyphonic device of the continuo, was for a long time solved only by methods which, in any hands but those of the greatest masters, were very inartistic conventions.

It will suffice therefore to point out that the ordinary needs of the cartographer can be met by conical projections, and, in the case of maps covering a wide area, by Lambert's equal area projection.