Sentence Examples with the word point of origin

Continuity with the respective corresponding external tissues at the point of origin of each leaf trace (see below).

The shell-gland, as development proceeds, extends from its point of origin as an ectodermic thickening, which may be only slightly concave or may be deeply invaginated and then evaginated.

The anatropous ovule arises from the placenta as a straight or only slightly curved cellular process, and as it grows, gradually becomes inverted, curving from the point of origin of the integuments (cf.

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The point of origin of the flagellum in Trypanosoma is usually near the anterior end, but may vary considerably (cf.

For instance, the last visitation of cholera could be traced clearly and definitely to a point of origin in northern India in the spring of 1892, and could be followed thence step by step in its mare, i westward (see Cholera).

Him, together with his invention of the planisphere, enabled him to solve a number of elementary problems; and he was thus led to bestow especial attention upon the position of the equinox, as being the common point of origin for measures both in right ascension and longitude.

Was not the view of B, Transverse section through a stronger Tulasne, though we owe branch with the point of origin of an to him the designation adventitious branch (sa).