Sentence Examples with the word point

What is aimed at in ordinary observations of atmospheric potential is the measurement of the difference of potential between the earth and a point a given distance above it, or of the difference of potential betweeen two points in the same vertical line a given distance apart.

Here Mount Sidi Ali bu Musin reaches a height of 5700 ft., the highest point in Tunisia.

Below Kyi-chu to a point about 20 m.

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Many of the subjects of discussion were drawn from Hume's speculations; and during the last years of his stay in Aberdeen Reid propounded his new point of view in several papers read before the society.

Sparring lasted until the sky was clear of night's blue, at which point he took the sword from her.

Any teacher of composition knows that he can bring his pupils to the point of writing without errors in syntax or in the choice of words.

The culminating point of that part of the Carioca range which projects into and partly divides the city is the Corcovado (Hunchback), a sharp rocky peak 2329 ft.

Tulsi, as a Smarta Vaishnava and a Brahman, venerates the whole Hindu pantheon, and is especially careful to give Siva or Mahadeva, the special deity of the Brahmans, his due, and to point out that there is no inconsistency between devotion to Rama and attachment to Siva (Ramayan, Lankakand, Doha 3).

Its northernmost promontory, Murchison Point, is also the northernmost point of the American mainland.

One reason may be that analyses are generally made of tea liquors produced by distilled water, which is the very worst possible from the point of view of the commercial expert or in domestic usage.