Sentence Examples with the word poetry

Here in Motanabbi the claims of modern poetry not only to equal but to excel the ancient were put forward and in part at any rate recognized.

Ldnnrot (1802-1884), for collecting the popular poetry of the Finns, was continued by Castren (1813-1852), Europaeus (1820-1884), and V.

A ruder kind of drama, the amoebaean verse, or bucolic mime, developed into the only pure stream of genial poetry found in the Alexandrian School, the Idylls of Theocritus.

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Lamartine's chief misfortune in poetry was not only that his note was a somewhat weak one, but that he could strike but one.

The poet, himself of Syracuse, went to and fro between the courts of Hiero and Ptolemy Philadelphus; but his poetry is essentially Sicilian.

Each wrote copiously in verse, but Johan (1640-1684), who was professor of poetry at Upsala, almost entirely in Latin, while Samuel (1642-1679), especially in his Odae sveticae, showed himself an apt and fervid imitator of the Swedish hexameters of Stjernhjelm, to whom he was at one time secretary, and whose Hercules he dramatized.

Believing that his work with the romantic Arthurian epics was concluded, Tennyson now turned his attention to a department of poetry which had long attracted him, but which he had never seriously attempted - the drama.

Such is the poetry of Hafiz and Saadi, whose verses are chiefly devoted to the praises of wine and women.

Spirituality informs his inspiration; the poetry is of the finest elements, glowing and alive.

His only important precursors in serious poetry were Ennius and Lucilius, and, though he derived from the first of these an impulse to shape the Latin tongue into a fitting vehicle for the expression of elevated emotion and imaginative conception, he could find in neither a guide to follow in the task he set before himself.