Sentence Examples with the word poem

The immense vivaria or theriotropheia, in which various wild animals, such as boars, stags and roe-deer, were kept in a state of semidomestication, were developments which arose at a comparatively late period; as also were the venationes in the circus, although these are mentioned as having been known as early as 186 B.C. The bald and meagre poem of Grattius Faliscus on hunting (Cynegetica) is modelled upon Xenophon's prose work; a still extant fragment (315 lines) of a similar poem with the same title, of much later date, by Nemesianus, seems to have at one See Layard (Nineveh, ii.

The most remarkable poetical product of the time is the long-neglected astrological poem of Manilius which was written at the beginning of Tiberius's reign.

They were perhaps influenced by the example of Goethe, who in his Autobiography describes, at considerable length, the plan of a poem he had designed on the Wandering Jew.

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It seems that after the publication of Carver's book the word Oregon did not appear again in print until William Cullen Bryant employed it in his poem Thanatopsis, in 1817.

The other feature, peculiar to the long poem (gasida, elegy), is that, whatever its real object, whatever its metre, it has a regular scheme in the arrangement of its material.

Metrically, the poem is characterized by frequent alliteration imposed upon the rhymed octosyllabic couplet: - Welcome, louerd, god of londe Godes sone and godes sonde (ii.

The extant hexameter poem De viribus (or virtutibus) herbarum, ascribed to Macer, is a medieval production by Odo Magdunensis, a French physician.

During his college course he wrote a number of trivial pieces for a college magazine, and shortly after graduating printed for private circulation the poem which his class asked him to write for their graduation festivities.

Incidents of the poem or the play are illustrated or alluded to as may be convenient, and the exigencies of musical form are not unfrequently disregarded for the sake of special effects.

The author has incorporated in it the finest poem to be found in all Syriac literature, the famous Hymn of the Soul.