Sentence Examples with the word ply

It is connected by the Zederik and Merwede canals with Amsterdam, and steamers ply hence in every direction.

Government boats also ply on the Victoria Nile and Lake Kioga (Ibrahim) and on Albert Nyanza and the Mountain Nile.

Numerous ocean-going liners, most of which fly the Brazilian or the Argentine flag, ply on the Paraguay and the Parana; smaller vessels ascend the tributary streams, which are also utilized for floating lumber down to the ports.

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The steamers of the Shannon Development Company ply on the river, and some trade by water is carried on with Limerick, and with Dublin by the river and the Grand and Royal canals.

The upper Uruguay is navigable from the Quarahim to the town of Sao Tome, and small river steamers ply regularly between Ceibo, on the Argentine side, and the latter.

In summer, steamers ply between Leith and Aberdour and other pleasure resorts; and there is also a service to Alloa and Stirling.

It is navigated from the mouth of the Surkhan, and steamboats ply on it up to Karki near the Afghan frontier.

But even men like Roger Bacon, who deplored the inaccuracy of texts, had worked out no general method to aF ply in their restoration.

It starts from Perm on the Kama, and, crossing the Urals, reaches Ekaterinburg - the centre of mining industry - and Tyumen on the Tura, whence steamers ply via Tobolsk to Tomsk.

Small steamers ply on the Drina, Save and Una, but the Bosna, though broad from its very source, is, like the Vrbas, too full of shallows to be utilized; while the Narenta only begins to be navigable when it enters Dalmatia.