Sentence Examples with the word plush

Comfortable in the plush office chair, she propped her feet up on her desk and continued to sketch until the picture began to look as she wanted it to.

She felt the plush comfort of a bed beneath her and curled onto her side, unable to stop crying.

The hearth blazed opposite her position on a plush sofa with buttery leather in a small study with Persian carpets.

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She was on a huge, plush sleigh bed with dark wood and pastel coverings.

Hours later, she dropped onto the plush guest bed, clad in a T-shirt and underwear after a hot shower.

Then she grabbed her shower gear, sandals, and a plush towel and headed to the showers.

Sofia sat in one of the plush chairs, legs pulled to her chest, and watched their brotherly exchange.

It has a Protestant and a Roman Catholic church and manufactures of brushes, plush goods, cigars and margarine.

Jonny opened it to reveal a comfortable looking room with a plush couch set, rugs to cover the concrete floors, and television lighting the room.

Four and a half acres contained a barn larger than the LeBlanc's Peabody home, beautiful gardens and plush lawn.