Sentence Examples with the word plucked

Slowly a twinkle started in his eyes and a smile plucked at the corners of his mouth.

She plucked a piece of twine from the hay on the floor.

I almost plucked a little beauty from a nearby tent the other night as her parents partied with other campers several yards away.

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His testimony showed how relics came to be distributed among the populace: one enthusiast took a little wax dropped from the taper; another, a portion of the dust which lay on the grave; a third, a thread from the cloth covering the sarcophagus; and he himself plucked the flowers which visitors had planted above the tomb.

The man who independently plucked the fruits when he was hungry is become a farmer; and he who stood under a tree for shelter, a housekeeper.

The beard is sparse, and, with the exception of the moustache, which is sometimes worn, especially in central Tibet, it is plucked out with tweezers.

The nation now plucked bitter fruit from the seed planted by Otto the Great in assuming the imperial crown and by a long line of kings and emperors in lavishing worldly power upon tile church.

His poems were posthumously collected as Flowers of Helicon, Plucked and Distributed on various occasions by Lucidor the Unfortunate.

The Syracusans had been at first thoroughly cowed; but they were cowed no longer, and they even plucked up courage to sally out and fight the enemy on the high ground of Epipolae.

He leaned forward and plucked the nest from the corner, and that was when she saw Alex.