Sentence Examples with the word ploy

You men can use every ploy in the book to get a woman to submit, but if she mistakes that proposition for a proposal of marriage, right away she's blackmailing you.

Snowflake had taken the ordeal with remarkable ease, but Penny was using every ploy in the book.

It was all a ploy to get the ranch, and Bordeaux was right in the middle.

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It was a cynical ploy to boost sales.

I hadn't told him of our miss information ploy to Ethel Reagan.

They couldn't recognize a predator if it sat at their feet, and she was surprised to find her senses much more honed to such a ploy despite their social statuses rivaling those of royalty's on earth.

Kris, the Council will need some sort of proof that this isn't another ploy by one of you to wipe out the others.

Suit yourself, but I hope you're not using your absence as a ploy to make your parents worry.