Sentence Examples with the word plough

Small's swing plough and Andrew Meikle's threshing-machine, although invented some years before this, were now perfected and brought into general use, to the great furtherance of agriculture.

In the United States and elsewhere engines drawing behind them a number of ploughs, arranged in echelon and taking perhaps The sub-soil plough has the beam and body but not the mould-board of an ordinary plough.

The one-way plough lays the furrows alternately to its left and right, so that they all slope in the same direction.

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All these types of plough are virtually hoes pulled through the ground, breaking but not inverting the soil.

To the foot, causing the plough to lean from the plants in cultivating, and thus to cut fewer roots.

Double furrow or multiple ploughs are a combination of two or more ploughs arranged in echelon so as to plough two or more furrows.

The hake moves laterally on a quadrant and it is thus possible to give the plough a tendency to left or right by moving the hake in the reverse direction.

The working parts of the plough are the coulter, the share, and the breast or mould-board.

Twice he was called from the plough to the dictatorship of Rome in 458 and 439 In 458 he defeated the Aequians in a single day, and after entering Rome in triumph with large spoils returned to his farm.

The chief implements were a wooden plough of simple and light construction, a hoe or mattock, and a light harrow.