Sentence Examples with the word pleasant

Supper was the usual savory cuisine and pleasant conversation.

In the sunshine the air was warm, and that warmth was particularly pleasant with the invigorating freshness of the morning frost still in the air.

Housework was a pleasant pastime.

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The chief places of production are Hibernia (Morris county) and Mt Pleasant (Hunterdon county); in 1907 four mines in the state produced 316,236 tons.

Of his father he relinquished these pleasant literary employments, and resolving to engage in some settled profession selected that of medicine.

A good cleaning, a coat of paint and a few working light bulbs might make the place a pleasant neighborhood tavern.

Above the sea in a pleasant upland valley on the Atlantic slope of the coast range, and is, next to the capital, the oldest settlement in the province, having been founded by order of Commandant Simon van der Stell in 1681 and named after him and his wife, whose maiden name was Bosch.

But when the bright, pleasant autumn days came, and I felt strong again I began to think about the sketch.

The king was struck with the lad's bright grey eyes and pleasant humorous face; and Brokman, proud of his pupil, made him translate a chapter from a Hebrew Bible first into Latin and then into Danish, for the entertainment of the scholarly monarch.

And Terenty would begin talking of the destruction of Moscow, and of the old count, and would stand for a long time holding the clothes and talking, or sometimes listening to Pierre's stories, and then would go out into the hall with a pleasant sense of intimacy with his master and affection for him.