Sentence Examples with the word plausible

Thus (a), with its allusion to a further decree, forms a plausible prelude to the return of either Ezra (vii.

A plausible explanation of R e 's action is supplied by the theory that an earlier account of the giving of the manna already existed at this point of the narrative.

To this it might be replied that the real significance of initiation ceremonies is still obscure; it is a plausible argument that the child does not form part of the kin till after initiation, but this argument seems inconclusive, for in West Australia there is solidarity, according to Grey (Journals, ii.

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There are several biologically plausible reasons why zinc may help to ameliorate the symptoms of the common cold.

Much depends on the precision with which an error can be corrected: wherever there are more plausible ways than one of doing this, the faulty reading must be allowed to remain.

That the food-taboo against eating the flesh of a particular animal would prevail in the clan of which that animal was the deified totem-ancestor is obvious, and it would be a plausible theory to hold that the laws in question arose when the Israelite tribes were to be consolidated into a national unity (i.e.

A plausible conjecture makes him enter the house of the Dominicans at Paris between 1215 and 1220, from which place a second conjecture carries him to the Dominican monastery founded at Beauvais in 1228-29.

The most plausible view is that we have to do with sunlight reflected from meteoric particles moving round the sun within the region of the lens.

It is necessary, therefore, that assent should not be given indiscriminately; we must determine a criterion of truth, a special formal test whereby reason may recognize the merely plausible and hold fast the true.

You should indulge in some plausible speculation.