Sentence Examples with the word platte

In the foothills there are typical canyons, as along the Platte forks, and in the northern edge of the sand-hills Those of the upper Republican are the largest, those of the Bad Lands are the most peculiar; and the Niobrara tributary system is the most developed.

Of canals, some carrying whole rivers, like the Truckee river in Nevada and the North Platte in Wyoming, and had erected 281 large structures, including the great dams in Nevada and the Minidoka dam (80 ft.

The greatest part of the irrigated acreage is in the valley of the North Platte and the Upper Platte - probably nine-tenths in 1906 - in Scotts Bluff, Lincoln, Cheyenne, Dawson, Keith and Deuel counties.

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South Park, directly west of Pikes Peak, is one of the highest basins (nearly 10,000 ft.), and gains its name from the scattered, park-like growth of large pine trees; it is drained chiefly by the South Platte river (Missouri-Mississippi system), through a deep gorge in the dissected mass of the plateau-like Front Range.

Political interest in the Territorial period centred mainly in a fight for the capital, waged between the towns of the Missouri river front, Bellevue, Brownville, Nebraska City, Plattsmouth, Omaha and Florence, those of the North Platte interior, and of the South Platte.

Long, in particular, followed the Platte and South Platte across the state in 1819, and his despairing account of the semi-arid buffalo plains - whence arose the myth of the Great American Desert - finely contrasts with the later history and latter-day optimism of dry-farming and irrigation.

Among these are many funicular cog-wheel lines, climbing up to considerable heights, so up to Marren (5368 ft.), over the Wengern Alp (6772 ft.), up to the Schynige Platte (6463 ft.), and many others still in the state of projects.

There are almost no Cretaceous outcrops except on the streams, especially the Niobrara, Republican and Platte rivers - and in the Bad Lands.

At Denver the South Platte is joined by Cherry Creek, and here in October 1858 were established on opposite sides of the creek two bitterly rival settlements, St Charles and Auraria; the former was renamed almost immediately Denver, after General J.

In 1867 the South Platte region, having obtained a predominance in population capable of overcoming a gerrymander that had favoured the North Platte (and incidentally the Democrats), secured the appointment of a legislative committee to locate the state capital S.