Sentence Examples with the word plastic

Although they were the same shape, they were lighter, like comparing plastic beads to glass ones.

It is abundant, for example, in the plastic clay of the Brown Coal formation at Littmitz, near Carlsbad, in Bohemia, at which place it has been extensively mined for the manufacture of sulphur and ferrous sulphate.

It occasioned a long-drawn controversy between Pierre Bayle and Le Clerc, the former maintaining, the latter denying, that the Plastic Medium is really favourable to atheism.

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Such fire-proof coverings, and also interior partitions, are composed of hollow, hard-burned terra-cotta blocks, of porous (sawdust) terra cotta, or various plastic compositions applied to metallic lath, many of which are patented both as to material and method of application.

Sculpture exhibited realistic vigour of indubitably native stamp; and the minor plastic crafts were cultivated with success on lines of striking originality.

She trudged through the snow to the shed and filled a plastic bucket with pellets.

Its first emanation as plastic nature contains the original soul or deity out of which all individual souls issue.

Instead of listening to him, she dug out the water-breathers and life vests, each packaged in small plastic containers the size of her hand.

The plastic clay, which rests chiefly on chalk, occupies the remainder of the estuary of the Thames, but at several places it is broken through by outcrops of chalk, which in some instances run northwards to the banks of the river.

Most were easy to open plastic containers but six cans of baked beans were without an opener.

Matter and form are here identified, and the evolution of the world is presented as the unfolding of the world-spirit to its perfect forms according to the plastic substratum (matter) which is but one of its sides.

Of this varied mixture of substances some are undoubtedly plastic (i.e.

Finally she put the knife down and started putting the sliced meat in a plastic container.

In the court of the museum of the plastic arts; and a large monumental fountain in the Eugensplatte.

He displays a fine sense of colour and tone, added to the qualities of life and vigour that he instils into his plastic work.

Far less plastic and form-loving than the Italian, the German intelligence was more penetrative, earnest, disputative, occupied with substantial problems. Starting with theological criticism, proceeding to the stage of solid studies in the three learned languages, German humanism occupied the attention of a widely scattered sect of erudite scholars; but it did not arouse the interest of the whole nation until it was forced into a violently militant attitude by Pfefferkorn's attack on Reuchlin.

Instead of listening to him, she dug out the water-breathers and life vests, each packaged in small plastic containers the size of her hand.

Dean remembered them from the dime stores of his youth, tightly rolled little balls of cotton in every color of the rainbow, all stuffed in long plastic tubes.

The most successful gardening is that which turns to the best account the plastic organization of the plant, and enables it to develop and multiply as perfectly as possible.

Fitzgerald left with a laugh, leaving the box of bones smack dab in the middle of the scrapping, snarling Dawkins, none of who gave a lick about the plastic anatomical remains.