Sentence Examples with the word plasma

Toxins are also injected in order to stimulate the blood plasma to form antitoxins (see Bacteriology).

Vezhdovsky to exist in the embryo of certain forms. The blood in the Chaetopoda consists of a plasma in which float a few corpuscles.

Xviii.; Btschli, Untersuchungen uber rnikroskopische Schume und das Proto plasma (Leipzig, 1892; Eng.

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Thus Ludwig was of opinion that the lymph-flow is dependent upon two factors, first, difference in pressure of the blood in the capillaries and the liquid in the plasma spaces outside; and, secondly, chemical interchanges setting up osmotic currents through the vessel-walls.

In one genus (Planorbis) the plasma of the blood is coloured red by haemoglobin, this being the only instance of the presence of this body in the blood of Glossophorous Mollusca, though it occurs in corpuscles in the blood of the bivalves Arca and Solen (Lankester).

The armour-plates are often exquisitely sculptured, and may be produced into spines or perpendicular plates to give greater surface extension, as we find in other plankton organisms. The cortical plasma may protrude pseudopodia in the longitudinal groove; it contains trichocysts in several species, true nematocysts in Polykrikos.

The plasma is coloured red by haemoglobin: it is sometimes (in Sabella and a few other Polychaeta) green, which tint is due to another respiratory pigment.

The plasma may be pink (Magelona) or yellow (Aphrodite) in which cases the colour is owing to another pigment.

In this respect the plasma behaves in a similar manner towards the sugars as does the living yeast cell.