Sentence Examples with the word planting

Thus shallow square or oblong wooden boxes, made of light, inexpensive wood, are very useful for seedsowing, for pricking out seedlings, or for planting cuttings.

His warm lips touched her shoulder, planting soft kisses along it and up her neck until her heart was pounding.

In places suited to its growth it seems to flourish nearly as well as in the woods of Norway or Switzerland; but as it needs for its successful cultivation as a timber tree soils that might be turned to agricultural account, it is not so well adapted for economic planting in Britain as the Scotch fir or larch, which come to perfection in more bleak and elevated regions, and on comparatively barren ground, though it may perhaps be grown to advantage on some moist hill-sides and mountain hollows.

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Used many efforts to encourage the planting of the mulberry and the rearing of silkworms both at home and in the colonies.

Many plants maybe propagated by planting their leaves or portions of the leaves as cuttings, as, for example, the Gloxinia (fig.

Gaut, Seaside Planting of Trees and Shrubs; E.

The cost of clearing forest land and planting with rubber in Ceylon is estimated at about 100 Rs.

Both of these ancient civilizations extended their influence through migration of individual families and the planting of colonies.

This was the planting of a colony of communistic per week for which such wages are payable, with the rates for overtime when those hours are exceeded.

He strengthened his position in Khorasan by planting colonies of Kurdish horsemen on the frontier, or along what is called the atak or skirt of the Turkoman mountains north of Persia.