Sentence Examples with the word plantes

Warburg, Les Plantes a caoutchouc et leur culture (Paris, 1902; French translation by J.

On the continent of Europe the classic example is still the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, where, however, system lends more of formality than of beauty to the general effect.

De Candolle (Origine des Plantes cultivees, p. 40) is equally emphatic in the opinion that it is S.

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His systematic work is represented by a large number of papers and monographs, many of which relate to the flora of New Caledonia; and by his Enumeration des genres de plantes cultivees au Musee d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris (1843), which is an interesting landmark in the history of classification in that it forms the starting-point of the system, modified successively by A.

Decaisne, who made the subject one of critical study for a number of years, and not only investigated the wild forms, but carefully studied the peculiarities of the numerous varieties cultivated in the Jardin des Plantes at Paris, refers all cultivated pears to one species, the individuals of which have in course of time diverged in various directions, so as to form now six races: (I) the Celtic, including P. cordata; (2) the Germanic, including P. communis, P. achras, and P. piraster; (3) the Hellenic, including P. parviflora, P. sinaica and others; (4) the Pontic, including P. elaeagrifolia; (5) the Indian, comprising P. Paschae; and (6) the Mongolic, represented by P. sinensis.

Lesagef has shown that the height of certain plants is decreased by cultivation in a saline soil, and that the leaves of iLesage, Recherches exphrimentales sur les modifications de, feuilles chez les plantes maritimes, in Rev. gen.

Mais neanmoins, comme on connoitroit beaucoup mieux quelle a etc la nature d'Adam et celle des arbres de Paradis si on avoit examine comment les enfants se forment peu a peu dans le ventre de leurs mores et comment les plantes sortent de leurs semences, que si on avoit seulement considers quels ils ont etc quand Dieu les a crees: tout de meme, nous ferons mieux entendre quelle est generalement la nature de toutes les choses qui sont au monde si nous pouvons imaginer quelques principes qui soient fort intelligibles et fort simples, desquels nous puissions voir clairement que les astres et la terre et enfin tout ce monde visible auroit pu titre produit ainsi que de quelques semences (bien que nous sachions qu'il n'a pas ste produit en cette fawn) que si nous la decrivions seulement comme it est, ou bien comme nous croyons qu'il a ste cree.

Vesque, Les Maladies des plantes cultivees, pp. 98-105 (Paris, 1878).

Ecology and Physiology.Whilst our knowledge of the nature and effect of habitat is still in a very rudimentary condition, much progress has been made in recent years in the study of plant communities; but even here the questions insolved in relating the facts of the distribution of plant communities to the i Humboldt and Bonpland, Essai sur la giographie des plantes (Paris, 1807).

The collections of Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, his son Adrien, and of Auguste de St Hilaire, are included in the large herbarium of the Jardin des Plantes at Paris, and in the same city is the extensive private collection of Dr Ernest Cosson.