Sentence Examples with the word planet

But the planet chose for him, according to what his father told him long ago.

Crashing into the planet left the left side of her torso black and bruised.

In the modern age of communication and cheap transportation, food can be moved around the planet relatively easily.

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Now, what everyone on the planet eats and does, and the outcome of that, will be used to help us all.

In the astral-theological system, Marduk is identified with the planet Jupiter.

Vastly more energy than we need pours down on this planet in the form of sunlight.

Other works are A Discourse concerning a New Planet (1640); Mercury, or the Secret and Swift Messenger (1641), a work of some ingenuity on the means of rapid correspondence; and Mathematical Magick (1648).

The motions of the earth as a planet must be taken into account, as they render possible the determination of position and direction by observations of the heavenly bodies.

My brother is the only one on the planet who isn't instantly fried by their magic, which means you've got a bigger decision to make.

The orbit of a newly-discovered planet or comet may be computed from three complete observations by well-known methods in a single day.