Sentence Examples with the word plaid

He looked like a rancher in his faded denim jeans and plaid shirt.

There, staring up at the group, nestled in an assortment of other bones, packed into a grubby plaid shirt, was a cracked white skull.

The thing Martha saw had on a plaid shirt on, and these clothes are definitely old.

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But in 1368 the bishop was forced to recognize various liberties and customs that had been gradually won by the citizens, the Plaid General of that year showing that there was already some kind of municipal government, save for the cite, which was not united with the y ule inferieure or the other four quartiers (Bourg, St Laurent, La Palud and Le Pont) in 1481.

Over the left shoulder and fastened with a brooch hung the loose cloak (brat), to which the Scottish plaid corresponds.

In addition to the bones themselves, the box contained a ripped plaid flannel shirt, and nestled at the bottom, dirty jeans, boots, and yellowed, soiled undershorts.

She could set her clock by his arrival - eight o'clock every Friday night - in a blue plaid western shirt and battered black cowboy hat.