Sentence Examples with the word place of worship

KHNTJM or KHNOUM, a ram-headed god, whose principal place of worship was the island of Elephantine (there associated with Satis and Anukis), but also revered elsewhere, e.g.

The cities of the Latin league continued to hold general meetings or assemblies from time to time at the grove of the Aqua Ferentina, a sanctuary at the foot of the Alban Hills, perhaps in a valley below Marino, while they had also a common place of worship on the summit of the Alban Mount (Monte Cavo), where stood the celebrated temple of Jupiter Latiaris.

The tendency of the later law has been to put the offence of sacrilege in the same position as if the offence had not been committed in a sacred building Thus breaking into a place of worship at night, says Coke, is burglary, for the church is the mansion house of Almighty God.

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The chapel was allocated as a place of worship by Queen Elizabeth to certain Protestant Walloon refugees.

The word has thus come to mean in general usage an official caretaker of any place of worship whose duty it is to show the building to those who wish to view it, and to find seats for the congregation at a service.

The chapel served as the sanctuary of the relic lodged in the upper chapel, and the whole building was attached as the place of worship to the king's palace.

These privileges only attach where the place of worship of which he is a minister has been duly registered (the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855), unless in the case of bodies subject to special legislation, as Quakers.