Sentence Examples with the word place

This union took place in defiance of a prohibition which had been promulgated, in 1049, by the papal council of Reims. But the affinity of William and Matilda was so remote that political rather than moral considerations may have determined the pope's action.

The establishment of the Jesuit college had attracted settlers to its neighbourhood, and frequent marriages had taken place between the Indians of the district and the colonists.

The place obtained its actual name of Marienbad in 1808; became a watering-place in 1818, and received its charter as a town in 1868.

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Plauen is now the chief place in Germany for the manufacture of embroidered white goods of all kinds, for the finishing of woven cotton fabrics, known as Plauen goods, and for the making of lace.

It lies in a productive agricultural district, at an altitude of 2129 ft., and is a place of great importance, being the chief depot of the inland trade of the southern part of the state.

After the capture of Corinth Halleck had suspended the Federal advance all along the line in the west, and many changes took place about this time.

Her beauty, grace and vivacity exercised a great charm over her contemporaries, the enthusiasm for her, however, being probably not merely personal but one inspired also by her misfortunes and by the fact that these misfortunes were incurred in defence of the Protestant cause; later, as the ancestress of the Protestant Hanoverian dynasty, she obtained a conspicuous place in English history.

Her heart raced as she frantically searched for a place to hide.

She returned to the desk and scoured the paperwork for some sort of identifying information on the place she'd been or the company that developed the forms.

Caecilius holds a place between Plautus and Terence in his treatment of the Greek originals; he did not, like Plautus, confound things Greek and Roman, nor, like Terence, eliminate everything that could not be romanized.