Sentence Examples with the word pith

If a suspended gilt pith ball is held near it, the ball will first be attracted and then repelled.

It is here, at the Heribert present epoch and for the next two centuries, that the and the pith and nerve of the Italian nation must be sought; Lombard and among the burghs of Lombardy, Milan, the eldest burghs.

A bunch of ' tang sani ' (lamp-wick, the pith of Eriocaulon or Scirpus) is then inserted well into the mass, and the pan slightly canted, when a rich, clear, brown fluid is thus drawn off, and filtered through ' chi mui ' (paper made from bamboo fibre).

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The tree which supplies the materials for the pith paper of the Chinese is not uncommon, and the cassia tree is found in the mountains.

A, The main anatomical features of a cycad stern a Spermatozoids may be summarized as follows: the centre is from G of fi occupied by a large parenchymatous pith traversed g; by numerous secretory canals, and in some genera c p onen-grain by cauline vascular bundles (e.g.

In some forms other gaps (perforations) appear in the vascular tube placing the pith and cortex in communication.

The external conjunctive tissue is often arranged in relation to each bundle separately, the pericyclic fibres for instance, already referred to, being cften confined to the bands of pericyclic tissue abutting on the phloem of each bundle, while the Cortex and pith frequently form rays in the intervals between the adjacent bundles.

Cephalotaxus (Taxeae) is also peculiar in having resincanals in the pith (cf.

Dwellings require careful construction, with thick walls and roofs of non-conducting material to keep out the heat-rays, and fans and punkahs are essential for the promotion of currents of air in the inhabited rooms. Personal protection, in the shape of thick pith topees, or cork helmets, and spinal pads, is necessary in the hot months, the clothing being light and loose and not too thin.

In many Cordaiteae the pith was discoid, i.e.