Sentence Examples with the word pitched

The great numerical superiority of the Federals enabled Sherman to press back the Confederates without a pitched battle, but the severity of the skirmishing may be judged from the casualties of the two armies (Sherman's about 26,000 men, Johnston's over io,000), and the obstinate steadiness of Johnston by the fact that his opponent hardly progressed more than one mile a day.

Abraham pitched his tent between Ai and Bethel (Gen.

As I hinted before, this whalebone marquee was never pitched except in port; and on board the Pequod, for thirty years, the order to strike the tent was well known to be the next thing to heaving up the anchor.

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These huts are sometimes made simply of straw and are surrounded by high thorn hedges, but, in the north, square houses, built in stories, flat-roofed, the roof sometimes laid at the same slope as the hillside, and some with pitched thatched roofs, are common.

Battles became all but bloodless; diplomacy and tactics superseded feats of arms and hard blows in pitched fields.

For more than three months they kept back the invader, and, after winning three pitched battles, retired in perfect order on the capital (see PoNIATOwsKI, and On the death of Stanislaus, the crown was to pass to the family of the elector of Saxony.

Instead of obeying he pitched his camp near the summit of a mountain overlooking Monterey, fortified his position, and raised the United States flag.

Unable to maintain himself there he marched to southern Bohemia, and after defeating the Romanists at Sudomef - the first pitched battle of the Hussite wars - he arrived at Usti, one of the earliest meeting-places of the Hussites.

Cade came through the kitchen door and pitched his hat on the peg.

The victory of Holowczyn, memorable besides as the last pitched battle won by Charles XII., opened up the way to the Dnieper.