Sentence Examples with the word pistil

The gynoecium or pistil is the central portion of the flower, terminating the floral axis.

The pistil consists of a single carpel, opposite the pale in the median plane of the spikelet.

When the carpels are united, as in the pear, arbutus and chickweed, the pistil becomes syncarpous.

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For instance, in Primula and Linum some flowers have long stamens and a pistil with a short style, the others having short stamens and a pistil with a long style.

In a few cases two whorls of stamens are present, with three members in each, but generally only three are present; the pistil consists of three or two carpels, united to form an ovary bearing a corresponding number of styles and containing one ovule.

The structure of the flower represents the simple type of monocotyledons, consisting of two whorls of petals, of three free parts each, six free stamens, and a consolidated pistil of three carpels, ripening into a three-valved capsule containing many winged seeds.

Increase in size upwards, and at length become crowded, numerous and petaloid, forming a funnel-shaped blossom, the beauty of which is much enhanced by the multitude of conspicuous stamens which with the pistil occupy the centre.

The pistil consists of one or more modified leaves, the carpels (or megasporophylls).

The eggs are deposited in the ovary-wall, usually just below an ovule; after each deposition the moth runs to the top of the pistil and thrusts some pollen into the opening of the stigma.

In the first-mentioned case the terms carpel and pistil are synonymous.