Sentence Examples with the word pissed

Talon's work on her arms pissed him off, but he hadn't considered the wounds were as recent as yesterday.

Fred sulked while Dean felt guilty for treating the old man's efforts so cavalierly but was too pissed in general to jump up and apologize.

Thankfully, the immortal was more pissed at him than concerned about its prey.

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If I'd taken an instant to do so, I know I'd have pissed my pants where I stood.

To tell the truth, I did it because I was pissed off at him over my losing Annie.

Betsy looked contrite, but still pissed while Martha walked over to pick up still sleeping Claire and turned away.

He's so pissed at me over sticking up for you at the debate, I'm not sure he'd sleep with me if I let him.

Let them all be pissed off at me; perhaps that would bring them closer together against a common enemy.

Death gets pissed when mortals go through the shadow world.

When he was too pissed to think straight, he slammed his hands into the boards covering a store's front door.