Sentence Examples with the word pindar

Some who were writers were driven to publish by the occasion; and after the orders of government, which were occasionally published to be obeyed, occasional poems, such as the poems of Solon, the odes of Pindar and the plays of the dramatists, which all had a political significance, were probably the first writings to be published or, rather, recited and acted, from written copies.

An amphictyony of Corinth has, with less justification, been assumed on the strength of a passage in Pindar (Nem.

Gelo's brother and successor, Hiero(478-467), kept up the power of the city; he won himself a name by his encouragement of poets, especially Aeschylus and Simonides, and philosophers; and his Pythian and Olympian victories made him the special subject of the songs of Pindar and Bacchylides; among the recently discovered works of the latter are three Odes (iii.

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So, although the warlike character of Hera was not elsewhere prominent, she assumed a militant aspect in her two chief cities; a festival called the Shield (iuriris, in Pindar ay Wv X6XKEos) was part of the Argive cult, and there was an armed procession in her honour at Samos.

According to the account given by Pindar and the tragedians, Agamemnon was slain by his wife' alone in a bath, a piece of cloth or a net having first been thrown over him to prevent resistance.

It exasperated opponents, some of whom, notably Peter Pindar '(see' Wolcot, John), retaliated by brutal personalities.

The story of Pelops is told in the first Olympian ode of Pindar and in prose by Nicolaus Damascenus.

According to Pindar (apud Plutarch), the brothers built the temple of Apollo at Delphi; when they asked for a reward, the god promised them one in seven days; on the seventh day they died.

Hunt, who have also produced fragments of the Paeans of Pindar and many other classic texts (including a Greek continuation of Thucydides and a Latin epitome of part of Livy) in the successive volumes of the Oxyrhynchus papyri and other kindred publications.

No satisfactory derivation of the name Athena has been given 1; Pallas, at first an epithet, but after Pindar used 1 0.