Sentence Examples with the word pillow

She dodged a pillow missile and retrieved it from the floor.

The bedspread was pulled back enough to prop up the pillow by the phone, but the bed had not been uncovered for sleeping.

If you agree to let me fasten your other arm and drop this pillow case over your head so you can't see, I'll let you chat with our friend, but that's the only way.

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She threw the pillow over her head, drawing the light blanket up against her chin.

Jack's snoring and the Horsemen under her pillow kept her from sleeping well.

We were in bed and this pillow talk was quickly becoming an argument I didn't want to have.

On Rostov's inquiry as to how the matter stood, he at once produced from under his pillow a paper he had received from the commission and the rough draft of his answer to it.

He sliced his forearm and tucked the knife beneath his pillow once more, closing his eyes.

When she met him outside, he was attaching a pillow to his ATV with bunji cords.

No, this was pillow talk with Quinn but Howie knows something is wrong.