Sentence Examples with the word piglet

When next the door was opened you ran out and hid yourself--and the piglet was gone.

And we know the thing is true, because since the time of that interview there is no piglet to be found anywhere.

The Wizard reached out, caught the wee creature in his hand, and holding its head between one thumb and finger and its tail between the other thumb and finger he pulled it apart, each of the two parts becoming a whole and separate piglet in an instant.

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When he removed his hat the last piglet had disappeared entirely.

The piglet is gone, and you ran out of the room when Jellia opened the door.

The jury believes the white kitten known as Eureka is guilty of having eaten the piglet owned by Princess Ozma, and recommends that she be put to death in punishment of the crime.

There is little doubt that my pretty piglet has been eaten by that horrid kitten, and if that is true the offender must be punished.

Then he caught up another piglet and pushed it into the first, where it disappeared.

This creature you must hide in some safe place, and if the jury decides that Eureka is guilty you may then produce this piglet and claim it is the one that was lost.

Please go to my boudoir, Jellia, and get the white piglet I left on the dressing-table.