Sentence Examples with the word pig

It is by forming calcium sulphide that sulphur is removed in the manufacture of pig iron in the iron blast furnace, in the crucible of which, as in the electric furnaces, the conditions are strongly deoxidizing But in the Bessemer and open-hearth processes this means of removing sulphur cannot be used, because in each of them there is always enough oxygen in the atmosphere to re-oxidize any calcium as fast as it is deoxidized.

Hence the blast furnace process, thus freed from the hampering need of controlling accurately the silicon-content, can be much more effectively guided so as to prevent the sulphur from entering the pig iron.

In 2006, a pig was genetically engineered to produce healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

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Races of this type are also met with in Java, Cochin-China and Formosa; the pig from the latter island having been named S.

The price of a pig was twice, and that of an ox six times as great as that of a sheep. Regarding the prices of commodities other than live-stock we have little definite information, though an approximate estimate may be made of the value of arms. It is worth noticing that we often hear of payments in gold and silver vessels in place of money.

In some places, in cases of crime, the members of the family or village would convey the culprit bound - sometimes even carrying him like a pig that is to be killed - and place him with apologies before those against whom he had transgressed.

The numerous converting mills which treat pig iron made at a distance will now have the crushing burden of providing in other ways the power which their rivals get from the blast-furnace, in addition to the severe disadvantage under which they already suffer, of wasting the initial heat of the molten cast iron as it runs from the blastfurnace.

Examination will, however, show that a modification similar to that which has transformed the comparatively simple molar tooth of the mastodon into the extremely complex grinder of the Indian elephant has served to change the tooth of the common pig into that of Phacochoerus.

Under the stimulus of federal bounties, the production of pig iron and of steel, chiefly from imported ore, is rapidly increasing.

Her long curly blond hair had been pulled up in pig tails and tied with huge bows.