Sentence Examples with the word piece of paper

The king was about to waken him roughly, when he saw a piece of paper on the floor beside him.

He checked a piece of paper he was carrying and mumbled, Over here.

Officer David waved a piece of paper in her face depicting Toby's ID.

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As he started to leave, he turned to the frail woman who was rolling a piece of paper into her typewriter.

Many compounds containing hydrogen are readily decomposed by the gas; for example, a piece of paper dipped in turpentine inflames in an atmosphere of chlorine, producing hydrochloric acid and a copious deposit of soot; a lighted taper burns in chlorine with a dull smoky flame.

An oblate flattened body, like a disk or plate, has c 2 -c 1 negative, so that the medium steers the body axially; this may be verified by a plate dropped in water, and a leaf or disk or rocket-stick or piece of paper falling in air.

Oscillatoriae may be mounted by laying a portion on a silver coin placed on a piece of paper in a plate, and pouring in water until the edge of the coin is just covered.

In mounting, the specimen is floated out in a flat white dish containing sea-water, so that foreign matter may be detected, and a piece of paper of suitable size is placed under it, supported either by the fingers of the left hand or by a palette.