Sentence Examples with the word piece of land

Later again the Americans established themselves on the other side of the Suchow creek, on a piece of land fronting on the river, which there makes a sharp turn in an easterly direction.

In 1905 also Great Britain leased to Italy a piece of land near Kismayu to facilitate communications with the Benadir country.

Paeninsula, from paene, almost, and insula, an island), in physical geography, a piece of land nearly surrounded by water.

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From the close of the 13th century downwards countless transactions on the basis of leases for terms of years occur between the peasants themselves, any suitably kept set of 14th-century court rolls containing entries in which such and such a villein is said to appear in the halimote and to surrender for the use of another person named a piece of land belonging to the holding.